What is vidant mychart?

What is vidant mychart?

Vidant mychart is an online patient portal that allows patients to access their medical records and communicate with their healthcare providers. Here are some key takeaways about vidant mychart:

Key Takeaways:

  • Vidant mychart is an online patient portal created by Vidant Health for patients in Eastern North Carolina.
  • It allows patients to access their test results, request prescription refills, message their doctors, schedule appointments, and more.
  • To sign up for vidant mychart, you need to get an activation code from your Vidant Health provider. This links your medical record to the portal.
  • Once registered, you can download the mychart mobile app to access your health information on the go.
  • Vidant mychart is completely secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations to protect patient privacy.
  • It improves communication between patients and providers, empowers patients to manage their health, and gives transparency into medical records.

Vidant Health Created Vidant Mychart Portal

Vidant Health is a large healthcare system and network of hospitals, clinics, and providers serving over 1.4 million people in Eastern North Carolina. To better connect patients to their care, Vidant Health created vidant mychart, an online patient portal and app.

Mychart provides patients with 24/7 access to their medical information in one convenient place. Tests results, medication lists, upcoming appointments, immunization records, and more are all available on mychart. It allows patients to take charge of their health information.

To access vidant mychart, patients must first get an activation code from their Vidant Health provider. This code links the patient’s medical record to their mychart account. Once activated, patients can login to mychart on the web or download the mychart app to access their health data from their smartphone or tablet.

Key Features of Vidant Mychart

Some of the key features and capabilities of vidant mychart include:

  • View test results – Patients can immediately view lab test results, pathology reports, and radiology findings once they are available rather than waiting for a provider to contact them.
  • Manage appointments – Mychart allows patients to schedule, cancel, or reschedule appointments with their Vidant Health providers. They can see upcoming appointments in one calendar.
  • Secure messaging – Patients can directly message their care providers and clinic staff to ask non-urgent health questions or follow up on care. Providers typically respond within 1-2 business days.
  • Rx refills – Patients can request medication refills for existing prescriptions from their Vidant Health pharmacy. The pharmacy will contact the patient if there are any issues filling the prescription.
  • Immunization records – All vaccines and immunizations the patient has received from Vidant Health providers are documented in mychart. Patients can print off an immunization record.
  • Billing and insurance – Mychart displays patient account balances and bills for Vidant Health services. Patients can also see doctor visit summaries with insurance claim information.

Convenience and Accessibility

A major benefit of vidant mychart is its convenience and accessibility for patients. They can access their important health data whenever they want, from the comfort of their own home. Mychart is available 24/7 online, and the mychart app allows on-the-go access.

Key features like Rx refills, messaging doctors, and scheduling appointments can all be done in just a few clicks. This saves patients time compared to calling the doctor’s office during business hours and waiting on hold. The portal also provides faster notification of test results compared to waiting for a phone call.

Patient Education and Engagement

Vidant mychart encourages patients to take an active role in managing their health. They can learn about health conditions by reading physician notes and discharge summaries. Test results on mychart are displayed in easy-to-understand tables and graphs.

The portal also allows patients to research upcoming medical procedures and better prepare for appointments. By becoming more informed about their health data, patients are empowered.

Improved Patient-Provider Communication

Secure messaging through mychart allows ongoing communication between patients and their providers. Patients can send non-urgent messages to ask questions and get health advice when convenient. Providers can inform patients of normal test results or provide instructions without scheduling an office visit.

Appointment reminders and notifications from mychart also facilitate better communication. Overall, vidant mychart enables more personalized, two-way interaction between patients and providers.

How to Sign Up for Vidant Mychart

Here is an overview of the steps to sign up for vidant mychart:

  1. Ask your Vidant Health provider or clinic staff for your mychart activation code. Bring your photo ID.
  2. Go to the vidant mychart website or download the mychart app. Click Sign Up Now.
  3. Enter your activation code when prompted and follow the instructions to complete registration.
  4. Create your username and password. Make sure to choose a strong password.
  5. Read and electronically sign the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Once signed up, you can begin accessing your Vidant Health medical information through the convenient vidant mychart portal! Connecting to mychart gives you greater transparency and involvement in your healthcare.

Ensuring Health Information Security

Vidant Health takes patient privacy very seriously and follows strict security protocols to safeguard medical information in mychart. Here are some of the ways vidant mychart keeps your data secure:

  • Encryption – Data transmitted between mychart and users is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Authentication – Users must provide a unique username and password to access their mychart account. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security.
  • Access monitoring – All access to mychart is tracked and monitored. Any suspicious activity triggers alerts.
  • Firewall protection – Firewalls block unauthorized traffic trying to access the mychart servers and database.
  • HIPAA compliance – Vidant Health ensures vidant mychart complies with all HIPAA regulations for healthcare data privacy and security.
  • Privacy training – All Vidant Health employees complete privacy training on protecting patient health information.

By taking appropriate technical and administrative safeguards, patients can feel at ease using vidant mychart to manage their healthcare securely.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

In summary, vidant mychart is an online patient portal created by Vidant Health to provide patients fast and easy access to their medical information. Key features like test results, messaging doctors, Rx refills, appointments, and billing are all available 24/7 through the mychart website or mobile app.

Vidant mychart empowers patients to take charge of their health data and care. It enables more convenient communication with providers for greater health engagement. Strict security protocols protect patient privacy. Signing up is easy – simply get your mychart activation code from your Vidant Health provider to begin. With vidant mychart, your health information is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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