What is MyExperience Northwell? A Guide to the Northwell Employee Portal

What is MyExperience Northwell? A Guide to the Northwell Employee Portal

MyExperience Northwell is an online portal designed exclusively for Northwell Health employees. It serves as a one-stop shop for managing work-related tasks and accessing important resources.

Key takeaways:

  • MyExperience Northwell provides access to tools and information for Northwell Health employees
  • Features include schedule management, health records access, employee discounts, and more
  • Available 24/7 with a secure login using employee credentials
  • Customized based on your role and permissions within the Northwell system
  • Part of Northwell Health’s mission to provide an excellent work environment

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Accessing and Logging Into MyExperience

To access the MyExperience portal, employees can visit myexperiencenorthwell.northwell.edu. Here are the steps to log in:

  • Step 1: Enter your Northwell Health Universal ID
  • Step 2: Enter your password
  • Step 3: Click Sign In

MyExperience is available 24/7 so employees can access it at any time. It uses multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Key Features and Services

MyExperience Northwell offers a wide range of features and services to support employees. Some of the main offerings include:

Employee Profile Management

  • Update personal information like address and emergency contacts
  • Manage tax withholdings
  • View pay statements and W2s
  • Access employee memos and announcements

Benefits Enrollment and Management

  • Enroll in and make changes to health insurance and other benefits
  • View benefit details including eligibility and costs
  • Access wellness program incentives and activities

Time and Scheduling

  • View work schedule and request time off
  • Pick up extra shifts or trade with coworkers
  • Manage vacation, sick, and personal time balances

Training and Development

  • Browse and register for eLearning courses
  • Access training transcripts and required learning
  • View and confirm competencies for your role
Health Records AccessView medical history, immunizations, lab results, visit summaries, and more
Discounts and PerksExclusive employee discounts for dining, travel, events, and retail
Wellness IncentivesParticipate in challenges and track progress towards wellness rewards
Network NewsStay updated on company announcements, events, and initiatives

Customized Experience

One of the key benefits of MyExperience is that it provides employees with a customized portal experience based on their role and permissions within Northwell Health. For example:

  • Clinical staff can view schedules, patient records, and medical resources.
  • Researchers can manage studies and access lab systems.
  • Support teams can update projects, file help tickets, and collaborate.

No matter what your position, the platform aims to serve up the most relevant tools and information.

Northwell Health’s Mission

MyExperience Northwell is part of Northwell Health’s overall mission to provide both an excellent healthcare environment for patients and a great work experience for employees.

Some key facts about Northwell Health:

  • Largest healthcare provider in New York State
  • Serves over 2 million patients annually
  • Employs over 76,000 people
  • Leading academic health system with research centers
  • Non-profit organization with compassionate, innovative care

By investing in platforms like MyExperience, Northwell aims to empower employees with the technology, resources, and support needed to deliver quality care. The system demonstrates a commitment to improving both patient outcomes as well as employee satisfaction.

Convenience and Accessibility

In summary, MyExperience Northwell offers a convenient 24/7 portal where employees can access the people, tools, and information relevant to their work. It enables them to:

  • Manage admin tasks like schedules and pay info
  • Access health records and medical resources
  • Pursue training, wellness incentives, and career growth
  • Stay connected to company news and team members

With customized experiences tailored to each user, MyExperience aims to provide an accessible, centralized platform for the diverse workforce at Northwell Health to perform at their best.

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