What is azpeople?

What is azpeople?

Azpeople is the employee portal used by AutoZone to allow its workers to access key information related to their job. Often referred to as the “AutoZone employee portal”, azpeople replaced the old ZTASC portal and provides employees with a modern way to view their work schedule, request time off, access pay stubs, tax documents, company news and more.

Key Takeaways

  • azpeople.autozone.com is the employee portal for AutoZone employees to access work information like schedules, pay stubs, and more.
  • It allows employees to view their work schedule, request time off, check earnings statements and W2s.
  • The url for azpeople is azpeople.com and employees can login with their employee ID and password.
  • Azpeople replaced the old ZTASC portal that AutoZone previously used. It provides a modern interface for employees.
  • In addition to web access, azpeople has iOS and Android apps so employees can access their work info on the go.

What Can You Do on AutoZone OpenAM?

The AutoZone OpenAM portal serves as a useful employee self-service platform for AutoZone workers. Here are some of the key features available on azpeople:

  • View schedule – Employees can log in to azpeople to view their hourly or monthly work schedule. The schedule shows your shifts and locations.
  • Request time off – Employees can submit PTO or time off requests which get routed to managers for approval.
  • Access pay stubs – Azpeople allows you to view your pay stubs and earnings statements for past pay periods.
  • Get W2s – Employees can access their W2 and yearly earnings statements through the portal. This allows you to access tax documents electronically.
  • Company news – AutoZone uses azpeople as a way to distribute company announcements, news, promotions, policy updates and more.
  • Benefits information – Details on health insurance, 401k, stock options and other AutoZone benefits are available on azpeople.
  • Training – Employees may be assigned training modules to complete on azpeople related to compliance, safety, product information and more.
  • Notifications – The portal displays notifications about shift changes, announcements, tasks and more.

Overall, azpeople consolidates many HR functions into a single employee portal to help improve communication between AutoZone and its workforce.

Accessing Azpeople

Azpeople can be accessed from any web browser at the URL:

The azpeople login page will ask for your employee ID and password.

Your employee ID is typically your 9 digit payroll number provided when you were hired. This functions as your username.

The password is created by you and can be reset by contacting the AutoZone help desk.

Here is an example of the azpeople login page:

In addition to web access, native azpeople apps are available for download on iOS and Android devices. These let you access the portal on your mobile device.

Once logged in, you will be taken to your home dashboard which displays your schedule, time off balance, pay period earnings and notifications. The left sidebar navigation allows you to access the other areas of azpeople.

Replacing the Old ZTASC Portal

Prior to azpeople, AutoZone employees used the ZTASC web portal to access their work information. This older portal was introduced in 2011 and eventually needed upgrading.

In 2018, AutoZone rolled out azpeople to replace ZTASC with a new modern portal. Azpeople provided:

  • A responsive web design
  • Increased functionality
  • Better accessibility
  • Mobile apps
  • Enhanced security

The transition from ZTASC to azpeople was rolled out in phases. Some of the key differences included:

Older portal designModern, responsive portal
Only web accessWeb + iOS and Android apps
Limited featuresExpanded features and self-service
Monthly pay stubsOn demand pay stub access

Today, azpeople has fully replaced ZTASC as the AutoZone employee portal. When logging in now, employees are automatically directed to azpeople.com.

For the most part, the transition was smooth and allowed employees to leverage the improved features and convenience of the azpeople platform.

Key Azpeople Features

As outlined above, azpeople provides access to a variety of tools and information for AutoZone employees. Here is a more detailed overview of some of the key features:

Work Schedules

One of the most used parts of azpeople is checking your work schedule. Employee schedules are pushed to azpeople by managers.

As an employee, you can log in to azpeople to view your weekly or monthly schedule. This allows you to see your upcoming shifts including:

  • Dates
  • Times
  • Location
  • Position

From the schedule, you can also submit requests for time off or schedule changes which require manager approval.

Overall, azpeople provides increased visibility into your work hours and location.

Pay Statements

Azpeople makes it easy to access your pay information. Under the Pay section, you can view your past pay statements going back 18 months.

These pay statements allow you to see details on your earnings and deductions for each pay period including:

  • Hours worked
  • Earnings
  • Taxes
  • 401k contributions
  • Health care deductions
  • Net pay

In addition, azpeople provides on demand access to your pay stubs rather than waiting for a monthly stub. You can print or download your pay statements if needed.

W2s and Tax Documents

Around tax time, employees can access their W2 and yearly earnings summaries right on azpeople. This allows you to retrieve W2s electronically rather than waiting for a paper version.

Under the Pay section, you can access:

  • W2 forms
  • 1095 ACA statements
  • Year end earnings summaries

These contain the details needed to file your tax returns. Azpeople provides easy access to these critical tax documents.

Time Off Requests

To request time off from work, employees can submit requests through the Time Off section of azpeople.

You can request upcoming time off for:

  • Vacation
  • Sick time
  • Personal days
  • Leave of absence

The time off requests get routed to your manager for approval. You can also track how much PTO you have accrued and used.

Company Communications

Azpeople serves as the portal for AutoZone to share company announcements, news, promotions, policy changes and more.

The Company section displays messages from AutoZone corporate or your local store. This keeps employees informed on:

  • Company performance
  • Policy changes
  • Benefit program updates
  • Safety and compliance notifications
  • Training requirements
  • HR and payroll notices
  • Local store communications

Reviewing company news on azpeople helps keep you up to date on key announcements.

Document Library

An important part of azpeople is the document library feature. This houses all types of documents accessible to employees such as:

  • Policies
  • Training manuals
  • Benefits information
  • Forms and requests
  • Product information
  • Safety material

The library serves as a central repository for employees to access important work documents.

Mobile Access

A key advantage of azpeople is the availability of mobile apps for iOS and Android. These apps allow employees to access the portal when on the go or without a computer.

The azpeople mobile apps provide quick access to:

  • Schedule
  • Time off balances
  • Pay stubs
  • Notifications
  • Company news

This makes it easy to check your work schedule, time off balance or latest pay statement on your phone or tablet.

Getting Started with Azpeople

Azpeople is designed to be user friendly and easy for employees to navigate. Here are some tips for getting started with the portal:

  • Set up your account – Make sure your manager has provided your employee ID to gain access. Create a password to login.
  • Download mobile apps – Add the iOS or Android apps on your phone or tablet.
  • Review schedule – Check your schedule and make note of upcoming shifts.
  • Set notification preferences – Opt into notifications for shift changes, pay statements and other alerts.
  • Browse features – Explore the various sections like Pay, Time Off, Company to understand what’s available.
  • Read company news – Check messages from corporate or your local store.
  • Access pay stubs – View your earnings statements for past periods.
  • Submit time off requests – Request upcoming vacation or sick time.

Leveraging all the features of azpeople allows you to stay connected to your job and company while on the go. It serves as a handy resource for AutoZone employees to manage their work life.

Azpeople Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the azpeople portal:

How do I get W2s from past years if I no longer work at AutoZone?

Former employees can still access azpeople to retrieve old pay statements and W2s for up to 18 months after leaving the company. You will need your employee ID and password.

What if I lost my azpeople password?

You can reset your azpeople password by contacting the AutoZone help desk at 866-327-1086. You will need to provide identifying information.

Can I access azpeople from home or do I need to be on the company network?

Azpeople can be accessed anywhere with internet access. There is no requirement to be connected to a company network.

What if my schedule is wrong on azpeople?

Notify your manager if you notice an incorrect schedule. Schedules are entered by managers and synced to azpeople.

How far back are pay stubs available on azpeople?

Pay statements and W2s are available for up to 18 months. For older documents, contact payroll.

If I have an issue with azpeople who should I contact?

For help with azpeople, you can contact the AutoZone help desk at help@azpeople.com or 866-327-1086.


In summary, azpeople provides a valuable online employee portal for AutoZone workers to conveniently manage their work profiles. It enables employees to view schedules, request time off, access pay info, company news and more – all from a computer or mobile device. Azpeople brings modern HR convenience to the workforce at AutoZone.

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