Your Guide to Activating Your Device Your Guide to Activating Your Device

Activating your device on is the key to unlocking the full anime streaming experience on your smartphone, tablet, console or smart TV. This guide will walk you through the quick and easy Crunchyroll activation process.

What is Crunchyroll Activation?

When you visit, you are taken to the activation page for linking your Crunchyroll account to supported devices.

Crunchyroll activation refers to connecting your specific device to your existing username and password so you can sign in directly on that device. It allows you to stream content seamlessly without having to cast or Airplay from another device.

Once your device is activated through the website, the Crunchyroll app on your platform is connected to your account. You can sign in and immediately start binge-watching your favorite anime series and movies.

Activation simply authorizes your device to access the Crunchyroll account and content you already subscribe to. Here’s how to get it set up.

Key Reasons to Activate Your Device

There are some major benefits you’ll get after activating Crunchyroll on your devices:

  • Stream on TV: Activation lets you watch Crunchyroll directly on smart TVs with the Crunchyroll app, no casting required.
  • Console access: Link your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch to enable anime viewing on your big screen.
  • Offline viewing: Some platforms allow you to download titles to watch offline when you don’t have a WiFi connection.
  • Multiple profiles: Create profiles for each family member with their own watchlist and recommendations.
  • HD and premium: Get full HD streaming and premium series with a paid Crunchyroll account.

In short, activation unlocks the complete anime experience on more devices.

Step-By-Step Activation Guide

Ready to start watching Crunchyroll on your devices? Just follow these simple steps to activate:

1. Grab Account Credentials

Make sure you have your Crunchyroll username and password available. You’ll need to sign in on the website to activate.

Don’t have an account yet? Registering on Crunchyroll is completely free.

2. Get Your Unique Device Code

Your device will provide a special activation code or PIN needed to link it. Check the Crunchyroll app on your device for this code.

3. Visit

Go to on your web browser. Make sure you’re on the official Crunchyroll site.

4. Click “Activate Devices”

Choose Activate Devices from the dropdown menu next to your username in the top right.

5. Enter Your Login Credentials

Type in your Crunchyroll username and password and hit Continue to sign in.

6. Select Your Device Type

Use the dropdown to choose your device type – smart TV, game console, etc.

7. Input Device Code

Carefully enter the unique activation code your device provided.

8. Select “Activate Device”

Click the blue Activate Device button to link your device.

9. Enjoy Your Favorite Anime!

Your device is now ready. Launch the Crunchyroll app, sign in and start watching!

Following these basic steps will get your device activated in just a few minutes so you can enjoy unlimited anime streaming.


Don’t panic if you run into any hiccups activating your device. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double and triple check you entered the right activation code from your device. Typos are common.
  • Make sure you are logged into the correct Crunchyroll account before activating.
  • Check your internet connection and restart your device if connectivity is interrupting activation.
  • You may have reached the 5 device limit if trying to activate more. Deactivate an old device first.
  • Try a different browser or clear your cache/cookies if you experience website issues.
  • Contact Crunchyroll’s responsive customer support for any persistent activation problems.
  • On some smart TVs, you may need to reinstall the Crunchyroll app if activation is not recognized.

With a few quick troubleshooting steps, any activation issues can usually be resolved. Just don’t give up so you can start streaming!

Activating Other Crunchyroll Devices

Here are some specifics on activating other popular Crunchyroll platforms:

Smart TVs

Open the Crunchyroll app on your Samsung, LG, Vizio or other smart TV. Attempt to sign in, choose activate device, and enter the code shown.

Game Consoles

On your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, launch the Crunchyroll app. Pick activate device when signing in and input the code displayed on your TV screen.

Mobile Devices

In the Crunchyroll app settings on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, select activate device to link your account using the provided code.

Streaming Boxes

For Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and more, install the Crunchyroll app, open it, and follow the prompts to activate using your credentials and code.


You typically don’t need to activate on desktops or laptops. Just signing in on Crunchyroll gives access on browsers.

Bottom line – each platform makes activation easy within the Crunchyroll app. Just look for the activate device option.

When to Reactivate Your Device

In some cases, you may need to reactivate a device if you have issues streaming anime. Here are some potential reasons:

  • Changed your Crunchyroll username or password
  • Too many devices activated, need to free up activations
  • Factory reset or restored your device
  • App isn’t recognizing your account
  • Getting logged out repeatedly or authentication errors
  • Payment info updates requiring reactivation

If you continually have streaming problems on an already activated device, try deactivating and reactivating it with your latest info and code.

Deactivating Old Crunchyroll Devices

If you’re selling or replacing a device, make sure to unlink it from your Crunchyroll account by deactivating.

On the Activate Devices page, select Deactivate next to a device to remove it. This frees up an activation spot and prevents the old device from accessing your account.

In general, it’s smart to deactivate unused devices for improved security and convenience. But old devices also deactivate automatically after extended non-use.

Crunchyroll Activation Unlocks Anime Streaming

Taking just a few minutes to activate your device through connects your smartphone, smart TV, console or other platform to your Crunchyroll account for instant anime watching.

Just sign into the Crunchyroll website, select activate devices, and enter your device code to get set up. Enjoy unlimited anime including new simulcast episodes, no ads, offline viewing, and more!

With over 15,000 episodes and movies and more added daily, Crunchyroll activation lets you dive into the incredible world of anime from wherever you want to watch.

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