Connect Live Volusia: The Ultimate Guide

Connect Live Volusia: The Ultimate Guide

Connecting with people in your local community can be challenging in today’s digital age. However, Connect Live Volusia offers an innovative solution. This nonprofit organization provides various programs and events to help Volusia county residents engage with each other and build meaningful relationships.

What is Connect Live Volusia?

Connect Live Volusia is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 with the mission to “connect people, build trust and strengthen our community.” Their goal is to create opportunities for Volusia county residents to engage with each other, build understanding, and foster a sense of belonging.

Some of the key things to know about Connect Live Volusia:

  • Nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Volusia county residents
  • Founded in 2015 by local community leaders
  • Provides various programs and events to connect residents
  • Key mission is to “connect people, build trust and strengthen community”

The organization aims to break down barriers between different groups and bring people together. Their activities and initiatives are focused on building understanding, trust and belonging county-wide.

Programs Offered

Connect Live Volusia offers various ongoing programs and special events for community members of all ages and backgrounds. Some of their core programs include:

  • Connect Live Classes – Free classes on topics like financial literacy, health, computer skills, and more.
  • Community Conversations – Small group dialogues for residents to engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Awareness Activities – Events during awareness months (Hispanic Heritage, Disabilities, etc) to promote understanding.
  • Career Connections – Workshops and training to help community members gain career skills.
  • Volunteer Initiatives – Opportunities for residents to volunteer together on community projects.
  • Youth Programs – Mentorship, leadership development and service activities for youth.

These interactive programs allow community members to learn together, have meaningful dialogue, and work side-by-side.

Impact in Volusia County

Since starting in 2015, Connect Live Volusia has made a significant impact in the local Volusia community:

  • 5,000+ residents engaged through programs and events annually
  • 200+ community conversations held with diverse groups
  • 50+ community improvement projects completed through volunteer initiatives
  • 300+ youths participated in mentorship and leadership programs

Surveys show 85% of participants feel more connected to their community after being involved with Connect Live Volusia. Their programs are helping to build trust, understanding and belonging across Volusia county.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways for Volusia county residents to get involved with Connect Live Volusia:

  • Attend an Event – Check their calendar and attend a class, conversation, or community program.
  • Volunteer – Assist with a volunteer initiative project helping the community.
  • Become a Member – Join as a member to support the organization.
  • Follow on Social Media – Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Suggest Ideas – Recommend program topics and ways to engage more residents.
  • Donate – If able, donate to support their work connecting and strengthening the Volusia community.

Residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to engage with Connect Live Volusia. Through active participation in their programs, you can help build a more connected, trusting and inclusive community.

The Importance of Connecting with Community

In a time when many people feel divided and isolated, organizations like Connect Live Volusia provide an important service. Some key reasons connecting with your local community matters:

  • Builds understanding between different groups
  • Helps overcome biases and misconceptions
  • Creates a sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Provides support in times of need
  • Allows for sharing of ideas and perspectives
  • Enables collaboration on community projects
  • Strengthens trust between neighbors
  • Fosters a vibrant, resilient community

By bringing Volusia county residents together across demographic lines, Connect Live Volusia helps build social capital, trust and unity. Their work serves as an inspiring model for building community in the digital age.

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