Key Takeaways:

  • 92career is a leading job search platform in Pakistan that connects job seekers with employers
  • It has a user base of over 2.5 million registered job seekers and over 30,000 employer accounts
  • 92career allows job seekers to create professional profiles and apply for jobs online
  • Employers can post job openings and search candidate profiles on 92career
  • The platform uses technology like AI and algorithms to match candidates with relevant job opportunities
  • 92career also offers career advice, interview tips, and resume writing guidelines for job seekers

Overview of 92career

92career is Pakistan’s largest online career platform, focused on connecting job seekers with employers in an efficient and seamless manner. Founded in 2014, 92career has emerged as the go-to destination for talent acquisition and job search for both individuals and organizations in Pakistan.

With a vision to transform the recruitment process using technology, 92career aims to make hiring simpler, faster and smarter. The platform leverages advanced technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, data science and cloud computing to provide the right tools and insights to candidates and employers.

As of 2022, 92career has a user base of over 2.5 million registered job seekers and boasts over 30,000 employer accounts. The platform sees over 15 million visits every month, with over 150,000 job applications submitted daily.

Some of the key offerings of 92career include:

  • Job search engine – Enables job seekers to search for relevant job opportunities by location, title, industry etc.
  • Smart matching technology – Suggests best-matched jobs to candidates based on their skills and experience.
  • Candidate profiles – Allows job seekers to create professional profiles highlighting skills, experience and qualifications.
  • Employer pages – Lets companies showcase their brand, job openings and company culture to attract candidates.
  • Application tracking – Offers tools to track, screen and manage job applications for efficient hiring.
  • Career advice – Provides relevant tips, guides and resources to help candidates find jobs and advance their careers.

Benefits of 92career

92career offers unique benefits to both job seekers and employers:

For job seekers:

  • Access to thousands of relevant job opportunities
  • Ability to create professional profiles to showcase skills to employers
  • AI-powered recommendations for best-matched jobs
  • Career development resources like interview preparation guides
  • Easy job application with one-click apply options

For employers:

  • Large pool of qualified candidates to choose from
  • Tools to easily post job openings and manage applicants
  • Search database of candidate profiles using filters
  • Brand visibility to attract most suitable candidates
  • Analytics and insights on hiring funnel and recruitment ROI

By leveraging technology to remove inefficiencies in the hiring process, 92career unlocks opportunities for growth and success for both individuals and organizations.

How 92career Works

92career effectively connects job seekers and employers through an intuitive online platform and smart matching capabilities. Here is an overview of how 92career works:

For Job Seekers

Job seekers can create a professional candidate profile on 92career in three simple steps:

  1. Create your profile – Fill in details like personal info, education, skills, achievements, organizations worked at etc.
  2. Build your network – Follow companies and create connections with other professionals.
  3. Find jobs – Search jobs by title, location or company. Get personalized recommendations.

Once registered, job seekers can access features like:

  • Instant job alerts and recommendations
  • One-click job application
  • Resume builder with ready-made templates
  • Mock interviews to prepare for the real deal
  • Career advice articles and guides

For Employers

Employers can leverage 92career’s platform and reach to find the best talent quickly:

  1. Post a job – List job openings and target the right candidates based on role, skills and location.
  2. Access talent pool – Search database of 2.5M+ candidate profiles and contact candidates directly.
  3. Manage applicants – Track applications end-to-end and collaborate with your HR team.
  4. Analytics – Get insights on job views, applications and source of hires to improve recruitment.

Key features for employers include:

  • AI-enabled talent matching
  • Shortlisting and scheduling tools
  • Customized career pages
  • Integration with other HR platforms
  • Campus hiring solutions

By centralizing and streamlining recruitment on one platform, 92career enables employers to scale their talent acquisition process efficiently.

Top Job Categories on 92career

92career offers job opportunities across diverse industries, functions and experience levels. Some of the most in-demand job categories on 92career include:

Information Technology

IT jobs like software developers, QA professionals, UI/UX designers, data analysts etc. are much sought-after on 92career given the rapid digitization of businesses and work.

Popular IT job titles:

  • Software Engineer
  • QA Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Product Manager
  • UI/UX Designer

Banking and Finance

Jobs in the BFSI sector including roles in banks, financial institutions, insurance firms and fintechs see high application rates on 92career.

Popular BFSI job titles:

  • Relationship Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Branch Operations Manager
  • Accountant
  • Internal Auditor


Healthcare is a booming sector in Pakistan with demand for skilled medical and healthcare professionals across levels.

Popular healthcare job titles:

  • Medical Officer
  • Staff Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Lab Technician
  • Hospital Administrator


There is high demand for qualified teachers, trainers and academic coordinators on education job boards like 92career.

Popular education job titles:

  • School Teacher
  • University Lecturer
  • Training Facilitator
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Academic Counselor


Engineering jobs see good traction on 92career especially for civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering roles.

Popular engineering job titles:

  • Site Engineer
  • QA/QC Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer

Sales and Marketing

Client-facing sales and marketing jobs remain much sought-after especially in FMCG, retail, media and other industries.

Popular sales and marketing job titles:

  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Merchandiser

How to Find the Right Job on 92career

With thousands of active job listings across diverse sectors, finding the right job opportunity on 92career may seem challenging. Here are some tips to find jobs suited to your skills and career goals on 92career:

1. Build a strong candidate profile

Highlight your education, relevant skills, certifications, achievements and experience. This helps employers find and shortlist you faster.

2. Use relevant keywords

When searching for jobs, use keywords like job titles, skills (marketing, nurse), companies (Telenor, ICI) etc. to find matching openings.

3. Try smart search

Use 92career’s smart search feature to find jobs based on your profile and applied roles. It leverages AI to suggest best matches.

4. Customize job alerts

Get email alerts on new job postings based on keywords, locations and other criteria so you never miss relevant opportunities.

5. Broaden your search

Don’t limit yourself to specific job titles or companies. Look for similar roles across related sectors and industries.

6. Check new listings daily

New jobs are posted daily on 92career. Check the site daily to find the latest openings matching your profile.

7. Use the mobile app

Download the 92career app to search and apply for jobs on-the-go from your smartphone.

Tips for Job Seekers to Succeed on 92career

Here are some top tips for job seekers looking to maximize their chances of success on 92career:

Complete your profile

  • Fill in all relevant fields to build a compelling profile for employers. Include details on education, work experience, skills, certifications etc.

Showcase your achievements

  • Highlight projects delivered, targets met, awards won etc. to demonstrate your capabilities. Quantify your accomplishments.

Optimize your resume

  • Tailor your resume to each job by matching skills and keywords. Ensure it is formatted clearly.

Prepare for interviews

  • Revise concepts, rehearse commonly asked questions and polish your communication skills.

Build connections

  • Follow companies and connect with professionals to grow your network and stand out.

Track applications

  • Use 92career tools to monitor status of your job applications and follow up timely.

Apply instantly

  • Use one-click applies rather than waiting to submit your interest in relevant openings.

Check notifications

  • Enable app alerts to get notified about matching jobs, messages from employers etc in real-time.

Follow career advice

  • Read 92career’s career tips and interview advice to boost your chances of landing jobs.

With commitment and perseverance, job seekers can significantly increase their odds of finding the right job on 92career.

Finding the Right Candidates for Open Positions

For employers, attracting and hiring suitable candidates quickly is critical. Here are some tips for companies to find the right talent on 92career:

Write compelling job descriptions

  • Highlight must-have skills, role responsibilities and qualifications to attract targeted candidates.

Offer competitive packages

  • Offer attractive salaries and perks compared to industry standards to draw quality applicants.

Promote employer brand

  • Showcase achievements, culture, values and career growth prospects to appeal to candidates.

Screen profiles thoroughly

  • Review candidate profiles in detail against job requirements to identify most relevant ones.

Schedule structured interviews

  • Plan focused interviews to deeply assess candidates’ technical and cultural fit.

Give timely updates

  • Promptly inform applicants of next steps and selection decisions to keep them engaged.

Respond to queries

  • Address candidate questions and concerns promptly to provide a positive experience.

Act fast

  • Contact shortlisted applicants quickly before they get approached by other companies.

Analyze metrics

  • Track source of applications, interview-to-hire ratio etc. to refine recruitment strategy.

By leveraging 92career’s vast candidate pool and employer tools, companies can efficiently attract and hire the best talent for their open positions.

How AI is Transforming Recruitment

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing recruitment in Pakistan and globally. Here’s how 92career harnesses AI to enable smarter hiring:

Matching algorithms – Leverages ML models to match candidate resumes with relevant open positions and recommend best fits.

Chatbots – Automates initial candidate screening via chatbots that can answer basic queries.

** resume Parsing** – Uses NLP to extract key details like skills, education etc. from resumes for easier shortlisting.

Video interviews – Automates video screening and analysis of facial cues and speech patterns.

recruitment Analytics – Provides insights on interview performance, source of applications, hiring costs etc. to optimize decisions.

Reduced bias – Helps eliminate unconscious human bias in screening by focusing only on skills and qualifications.

Process automation – Automates repetitive recruitment tasks like scheduling, emailing candidates etc. to improve efficiency.

Enhanced experience – Provides a smoother and faster application experience for candidates.

By deploying AI and automation, 92career helps employers make more data-driven decisions and hire the best-fit candidates faster. AI ensures unbiased, efficient and optimized recruitment.

The Future of Recruitment

The recruitment landscape is evolving rapidly driven by technology. Here are some key trends shaping the future of talent acquisition:

  • Growing use of AI and ML in screening, shortlisting and interviewing candidates.
  • Shift towards conversational interfaces like chatbots for seamless engagement.
  • Increased adoption of video interviews enabled by digital tools.
  • More interactive career portals with gaming elements for candidate engagement.
  • Rising use of big data and analytics by recruiters for data-backed hiring decisions.
  • Enhanced mobile experience for on-the-go job search and applications.
  • Leveraging of AR/VR for more immersive candidate assessments and pre-boarding.
  • Stronger focus on diversity and inclusion powered by unbiased AI systems.
  • Integration of multiple HR tech systems into unified recruitment platforms.

92career continues to pioneer the use of emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR and advanced data analytics to transform recruitment. The future holds tremendous potential for making hiring more efficient, seamless and intelligent. Recruiters must embrace innovation to stay competitive in attracting and engaging talent in a digital-first world.


In summary, 92career has cemented its position as Pakistan’s leading online career portal, making the recruitment process easier for both job seekers and employers. Its vast candidate pool, smart matching capabilities, career resources and intuitive interface offers immense value. By leveraging the power of technology and constantly innovating, 92career aims to create a recruitment ecosystem that unlocks growth for individuals and organizations. As the war for talent intensifies, platforms like 92career will play an even more strategic role in helping companies hire the right people faster and smarter.

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